NCYZIP - overconsumption is over.

NCYZIP - because we don't have planet B.

A real revolution in sustainable consumption was proposed by the Ukrainian brand NCYZIP in 2019. Its concept of clothing-constructor made from recycled materials breaks fast-fashion standards and transforms the consumer into a true creator. (VOGUE Ukraine)

Clothing-constructor consists of parts that are zipped to each other the way you think and want. Now your jacket can become a jumpsuit, dress, coat or vest: the main thing is to turn on your imagination. With such a wardrobe, you can put together a unique look at any time. You don't have to buy a new coat if corduroy is in fashion - just take one corduroy piece. And your entire wardrobe for a month's vacation will fit in your carry-on luggage.

Our slogan: Be sustainable. Be creative. Travel smart.

What is special about the NCYZIP constructor?

The main goal of our brand is to change the modern consumption model. We do not play "fast fashion", in NCYZIP we create real, conscious clothing.

In Europe, on average, every person throws away 13 kg of clothing annually, and this figure continues to grow every year. We decided to change this scary statistic and created NCYZIP so that it changes with your mood, weather or fashion trends. With our designer, the service life of the clothes increases, and without any harm to self-expression. This means that every time we choose multifunctional clothes made from recycled materials, we give the planet about 30 tons of clean water and reduce the amount of harmful emissions by 65%.

We are responsible, which is why we give a guarantee for all our products and are always ready to help with the repair, replacement or disposal of our products.

We think about the future, which is why we are abandoning plastic as much as available technologies allow, instead using more harmless and safe materials.
We are conscious, which is why we promote zero-waste production, actively use recycling and have created a universal size to reduce the amount of raw material residues.